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I threw in a few floating bath toys. “Like thawed – I thought, watching the boys play with plastic boats – even began to smile”

- Well, like a swim? – I asked Vitya – Sit so a few more minutes, and then you start to wash.

Suddenly the boy farted loudly, dropping large bubbles.
- Decided to play underwater bubbles? – I laughed, drove the Vitya in paint. Sex chat wapking in.

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go wash – I announced Vita – Only first have to go to the potty.

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I took the boy back to the room and put it in front of the pot.
- Every child supposed to go before a dip on a small – I said Vita – especially boys.

Victor looked at me sheepishly, resentful eyes.
- Come on, pee in the potty! – I ordered – I know you boys – if you do not get to pee before bathing, just wait a trickle in the bath. Mallu real grik online chat.

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Seeing that the girl reached for the door, I went to the Vita and forcing the boy to get out of the carpet, also led him into the hall.
- Bye, Victor! – The first boy said goodbye to Lena.

- So far, the seven-year wonder with a naked booty! – Oksana laughed.
- Listen to your nanny just go to the potty! – Nadia added with a smile. Sexy hindi live sensation.

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Caught in the spotlight, Victor blushed with embarrassment – probably remembered that he was still standing with naked booty.

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I said goodbye to her friends, and closed the door behind them.
Prior to coming Vitino remained mum about half an hour. “It is quite have time to bathe the boy” – I thought.

- Now. Website pornsex com pk.

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All your stuff here in the nursery: books, toys, and of course the pot.

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Offended boy sighed and trudged to his toys.

- We must go home – said Oksana.
- Let sit still – asked Lena – At least half an hour.

With Olin boy so interesting.
- Well, – reluctantly agreed to Lenin’s older sister. Girl pulls out my penis webcam.

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Adult video call live. The girl and her teeth, thus making almost twine, endlessly squeezes swollen head inside.

Soon it was my turn to compress the teeth – narrow vagina demanded my sperm. I sweat.

Cum right nowjust do not let my honor, and therefore began to think of his “Porsche“, mentally breaking it in pieces. She shook her head slightly lifted her hips and dropped sharply. Adult video call live.

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Live porn no sign in. Now we will also wipe.

Little boys should always be washed thoroughly scribble. Especially those who are pissing in panties.

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- I’m not small! – Boy snapped.
- And who is the second time today nakakat in panties? – I laughed.

- So funny to watch Nadya tinkering with his little pod – Lena smiled.
Devoting Vitino pisyunchik still half a minute, Nadya laid napkin on the table.

- Now probably need to anoint baby cream? – She asked hesitantly.
- No, – I said – I’ll soon be bathing boy.

- Clearly, – Nadia smiled.
- Well, that lay down? – Jokingly I said to Vita – Get off the table.

- And you are his pants that will not wear? – Oksana surprised.
- Sounds like to swim so – I said, – In one T-shirt.

- With the naked booty? – Nadia laughedeven diapers not dress?
- Nope – I said, shaking his head, – These diapers know what expensive. Live porn no sign in.

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Desi xxx chat. Wipe wherever the child is dirty and wet – I said, – inner thighs, testicles.

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Nadia took a new napkin and started wiping Vite scrotum.
- As soon shifted! – She smiled – Now that we know Vitina ticklish places.

- Thoroughly wipe boy scrotum – I asked – Yeah, that’s it from all sides.
Trembling from tickling, Victor tried to jerk his feet, but their words and I squeezed, so it does not interfere with Nadia.

- Legs too – reminded me – He is their almost to the knees wet. Desi xxx chat.

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- Conventional baby poop – I interrupted Nadia quickly turning diaper – Say thank you, that does not smell.
I took the girls aside and whisper told them about his trick with a banana.

- I’m so right, and I thought – first laughed Oksana.
- What are you especially for us that? – Nadia smiledreally wanted a boy in our presence pokakal in diapers?

- Yeah, – I nodded – I wanted to show you the diaper in working condition. 123sex live.

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Nadia took his finger out.

- Wow – she smiled, looking at a brown spot in the center of the napkin.
- Take a new cloth and repeat, – I said.

Wrapping the index finger of the new cloth, Nadia slipped it into the nursery hole – much bolder than the last time. I made her repeat this process two more times, with a smile watching the reaction of the boys.

- Now what? – Looked at me questioningly Nadia.
- Like what? Chatwap arab 18.

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